• Always look for information on the catalogue with your product for end-of life equipment handling.
  • Ensure that only Authorized Recyclers repair and handle your electronic products.
  • Always call our E-waste Authorized Collection centers or points to dispose products that have reached end-of life.
  • Always drop your used electronic products, batteries or any accessories when they reach the end of their life at your nearest Authorized E-waste Collection Centers point.
  • Always disconnect the battery from product after its use and ensure any glass surface is protected against breakage.
  • Always dispose off Refrigerant / High Pressure cans away from Fire & Direct Heat.


  • Do not dismantle your electronic products on your own.
  • Do not throw electronics in bins having “Do not Dispose” sign.
  • Do not give away e-waste to informal (Kabbadi) and unorganized sectors like Local Scrap Dealer / Rag Pickers.
  • Do not dispose your product in garbage bins along with municipal waste that ultimately reaches landfills.
  • Do not try to Puncture or Re-Fill any Refrigerant / High Pressure can even when they are empty.