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We supply premium Equipments

“Cool Sales India” provides wide range of options for all your day to day HVAC & Refrigeration needs. Today, We have established our mark in all the major cities of India.

Our mission is to provide quality products at affordable rates.  We supply efficient and reliable products from the very best brands of Refrigeration and Air conditioning. We also provide technical support to our vendors and retailers. so that, they can run their business smoothly.

SOME OF Our MAJOR Product categories

genuine Refrigerants

Refrigerant gases, Compressors & almost all the necessary Spares of Refrigerator and Freezing gadgets are available with us.

hvac & r spares

Air conditioner spares such as Compressors, CDU's & IDU's, Vaccum Pumps, Relays, Stands, Digital Controllers, Various Oil's and other spares are also availiable with us.

Copper / brass fittings

Copper pipes, Copper / Brass Fittings and other loose spare parts can also be bought from us.


CUSTOMISED CABLE TRAYS - GI, POWDER COATED, HOT DIPPED, GALVANIZED all available as per your requirements.


Our PATENTED Wall Mounting Powder Coated Stand with Best in Class Anchor Bolts and is Easy to Fit.

Quality Material For Happy Clients

Brands we Supply

One stop For all your AC & Refrigeration needs .....

Go the distance relaxed and unruffled with our cutting edge best in class air conditioning products such as compressors, super slim evaporator coils and superior fin condenser coils.

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Supplying products, Developing Relationships.

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